Love Swanage Beach

Project officer, Sarah Spurling explains how best to improve water quality

Love Swanage Beach is a campaign by Litter Free Coast and Sea to help improve and maintain the bathing water quality in Swanage. The project targets businesses, residents and visitors in the area served by the Swanage Sewage Treatment Works through an awareness campaign and practical measures.

The main focus is on the reduction of fats, oils and greases that are poured into drains and helping to reduce coastal litter.

“A lot of people want to see change…but a lot of people feel, what can we do and does it have an impact?….So what we’re trying to say is, these are the things that you can do and these are the things that you might not have been aware of….It does have an impact and if we do it collectively – it’s growing and everyone feels supported – it’s really nice to see.”

Project officer, Sarah Spurling

How to Love Swanage Beach

  • Clear sewers equals clean seas – Don’t put fats, oils and greases from kitchens, and wet wipes and other non-flushables down the drain, as they clog up the grates at the sewage treatment works. This increases the risk of a sewage overflow spill. So properly dispose of these things by recycling or putting them in the rubbish bin as appropriate.
  • Only rain down the drain – Don’t pour chemicals or pollutants down the drain as some surface water drains in this area are not treated and go straight out to sea.
  • Poo from lots of different sources affects the bathing water quality – Better management of dog poo, seagull poo and pigeon poo will improve and maintain the bathing water quality.
  • Help create a Litter Free Coast and Sea in Swanage – get involved in the Litter-free Purbeck clean-ups and campaigns and take part in a #2minutebeachclean

Sustainable Swanage

From the ‘Love Swanage Beach’ project, a new campaign called Sustainable Swanage has been formed. This is aimed at boosting the town’s ongoing efforts to reduce single use plastics to help the marine environment. The groups backing the campaign includes Litter Free Coast and Sea, Swanage Town Council and various community groups and businesses.

“The best thing to do, is to cut waste and anything used once is waste, so we need to cut that down where possible. For example, condiment sachets are things that you find littered quite a lot and that’s very wasteful.”

Project officer, Sarah Spurling

The first success for Sustainable Swanage has been for the town to be awarded Plastic Free Community status by marine conservation charity, Surfers Against Sewage (SAS), in recognition of the work done to start reducing the impact of single-use plastic on the environment.

The Sustainable Swanage plan is now to inspire a change across the town in its attitude to plastic by challenging the throwaway culture, reducing the availability of avoidable plastics and encouraging local residents and visitors to refill and reuse.

Contact details

Address: Litter Free Coast and Sea, Dorset Coast Forum, County Hall, Colliton Park, Dorchester DT1 1XJ


Telephone number: 01305 221748