Purbeck Film Festival

The organisers explain the aims of the film festival and how they pick what to screen

The Purbeck Film Festival provides a rich variety of cinematic experiences across a rural area that does not have easy access to foreign language, independent and classic films. Supported by the British Film Institute and its South West Regional Hub, the Purbeck Film Festival is primarily focussed on two weeks in the autumn but there are also special events throughout the year.

With so many ways to consume film today, the organisers believe it’s important to remember that there is still nothing like seeing a wonderful film in a fantastic setting to enrich the experience.

“People really get extra enjoyment from being in a communal experience, even if they are on their own sitting in a cinema and certainly during our festival the amount of conversation and encounters that go on at the events is enormous.”

Chair, Andrea Etherington

What type of films do you show?

The programme coordinator is Woody Harding and he and the team carefully put together a schedule, to include new films, unreleased films, classics, world cinema, British independent titles, archive and specialised films, and many titles that you can’t easily see on the big screen. Separately, he does have his own personal film favourites.

“The films that I like are non-plot films – films where there’s lots of conversations between people, things going on but there’s not a straightforward plotline. I suppose they are my favourites really.”

Programme coordinator, Woody Harding

The Purbeck Film Festival in numbers

Annual audience: 7,000
Annual screenings: 80
Venues: 30
Year founded: 1996

Contact details

Telephone number: 07443 46 88 50
Email: info@purbeckfilm.com