Sandbanks Ferry toll increases to £5 for cars and vans

The cost of travelling on the Sandbanks Ferry for vehicles is to rise from Friday 1st April 2022 although the toll won’t go up for those on foot, bike or motorbike.

The price for a passenger vehicle with up to 16 people will rise from £4.75 to £5.00 for each crossing, while a coach for more than 16 passengers will go up from £9.50 to £10.00.

Ferry Road in Studland

Approaching the toll booths in Studland

Annual price increases

The ferry company successfully made a case to the Department of Transport to increase the toll incrementally up to 2031 and annual price increases are expected to be introduced in April each year for vehicles.

It said tolls needed to rise to allow it to make a reasonable return on its investment and to pay for a new ferry sometime between 2029 and 2034.

As part of the three day public inquiry into the toll increase application in January 2021, it was agreed that the cost to pedestrians, cyclists and motorbike users would be frozen at £1 to encourage sustainable transport.

Sandbanks ferry toll booth

These tolls will go up from Friday 1st April 2022

Toll increase from 00:01 Friday 1st April 2022

  • Pedestrian Current toll £1. From April £1
  • Pedal or motorcycle Current toll £1. From April £1
  • Passenger vehicle up to 16 people Current toll £4.75. From April £5
  • Passenger vehicle more than 16 people Current toll £9.50. From April £10
  • Goods vehicle up to 3,500kgs Current toll £4.75. From April £5
  • 6 Goods vehicle 3,500 to 20,000kgs Current toll £9.50. From April £10

Bulk buying in advance

Substantial discounts are available for bulk buying a number of crossings in advance.

From Friday 1st April 2022 paper tickets will no longer be available to buy for vehicle crossings, although those already purchased remain valid. Instead, drivers can get a plastic pass, called a Sandbanks Ferry Toll Card which offers a discount on each crossing.

The cost of the bulk purchases are also increasing from Friday 1st April 2022 but can be avoided by buying in advance before that date.

Sandbanks ferry

The Purbeck Breezer bus joins cars for the crossing on the ferry

“We appreciate the support from our customers”

It was agreed at the public inquiry that the toll for a car could be increased up to £6.75 and vans up to £6.50 by 2031. These are the maximum tolls chargeable rates.

Jason du Toit, managing director of the Sandbanks Ferry Company, said:

“We are pleased to limit many of the increases to a level lower than the maximum tolls chargeable approved increase. We appreciate the support from our customers and continue to offer discounts on bulk purchases of passes for holders of Sandbanks Ferry Toll Cards (SFTC’s).

“Paper books of tickets will no longer be available to buy for vehicles from 1st April 2022, however the SFTC system is fully operational for bulk purchases, and we will continue to offer books of paper tickets for pedestrians, bicycles and motorcycles.”

Sandbanks Ferry Toll Cards are available free of charge from the ferry office and the toll booths on Ferry Road.

Further information

More details can be found on the Sandbanks Ferry website

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