Storm Bella: Weather warnings as wind and rain set to sweep Swanage

Swanage residents should brace themselves for the elements as Storm Bella hits the county.

The Met Office has issued two weather warnings for Dorset – an Amber Warning for wind and a Yellow Warning for rain.

The Amber Warning starts at 8 pm on Saturday 26th December and the Yellow at 6 pm. Both end at 9 am on Sunday 27th December.

Residents are advised that the foul weather may cause disruption to transport and utilities – as well as the possibility of flooding.

What to expect in a storm

People living in seaside towns such as Swanage should be careful as large waves may cause debris to be thrown onto roads and properties. High winds may also cause flying debris and damage to buildings.

The Met Office says that road, railway, air and ferry services may experience delays and cancellations during the storm.

There is also a chance of power cuts and the flooding of roads and buildings. Some communities may even be cut off by flooding.

Stay safe

The Met Office advises that residents should secure loose objects outdoors (such as garden furniture), park their cars in a garage and keep windows and doors shut and fastened.

Beds should also be moved away from areas with chimneys that are tall or in poor condition.

During the storm, stay inside at all times and do not travel unless essential.

When the storm is over, be careful of electric and telephone lines that may have blown down, as well as weakened walls, trees and other structures.

Residents should also ensure that their vulnerable neighbours and relatives are safe once the storm has passed.

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