The Rock opens new season for Dorset Adventure Park

The inflatable water park and mud trail at Corfe Castle, reopens for summer 2022 and this year it’s got a new star attraction.

New inflatables have been added to the lakes at Dorset Adventure Park, including a tower called The Rock and it’s the tallest that the park has ever installed.

Dorset Adventure Park

The Castle Lake has a fine view of Corfe Castle in the distance

The Rock dwarfs the action tower

In the past, the highest jumping off point into the lake was from two metres but now The Rock dwarfs the action tower with a height of 3 metres 10 centimetres, allowing for more acrobatics.

The action tower is still in use but it’s moved from Castle Lake to Woodland Lake.

Dorset Adventure Park

The action tower (right) is two metres high and has been installed in the Woodland Lake

Dorset Adventure Park

The Rock is three metres and 10 centimetres high and for many, it feels much higher when contemplating jumping off into the water!

Difficult two years

The park, like other attractions, has had a difficult two years. Faced with periods of lockdown and covid restrictions it stayed closed for the whole of 2020 but was back the following year, opening from May to September in 2021.

Dorset Water Park, originally started as a water park in 2016, with the two kilometre long mud trail created in 2018.

Dorset Adventure Park
Liz and Rob Mulliner at Dorset Adventure Park

Founders of Dorset Adventure Park, Liz and Rob Mulliner

“A big gamble”

It was the idea of Liz Mulliner, who along with her husband Rob, founded the attraction.

Liz said:

“It was a big gamble when we started. We had seen the inflatables in Tenerife and we weren’t sure whether people would like them as much in Dorset, but fortunately it turned out that they do!

“In 2020 we didn’t open at all. We have high start-up costs each year – it’s about £30,000 to get everything ready for opening, which was too much of a risk as things were so uncertain. We were able to furlough our staff and we took a bit of time to ourselves which was nice, although it was all a bit worrying.

“In contrast, last year was absolutely crazy in a good way. We struggled to get enough staff but it was a record year with the amount of tourists. They weren’t going abroad but holidaying in Dorset and as an outdoor activity, there was huge demand.”

Dorset Adventure Park

New trees have been planted and the water quality in Corfe River, that runs through the site, has improved

Dorset Adventure Park

The new water park briefing centre

New features

This year, as well as the investment in new inflatables, there’s a new building where the safety briefing takes place and the refreshment area has been expanded.

Unfortunately six mature ash trees had to be removed as they were diseased but they’ve planted around 500 new native trees across the whole site.

Rob added:

“When we first took over the site, there were those who said the business wouldn’t work and those who thought we would be damaging the environment but actually the part of Corfe River that runs through our land is one of the healthiest stretches.

“I’m really pleased with what’s been achieved.”

Dorset Adventure Park

The plank is a new obstacle for 2022

Dorset Adventure Park

The set up on the Woodland Lake has been improved

“I feel really fortunate”

So what do they wish for in 2022?

Liz said:

“Nice weather would be good, although this is also something you can do in the rain. Purbeck really lacks things to do on a wet day but if you’re jumping in a lake, it really doesn’t matter if it’s raining!

“This year is a bit of an unknown as more people will be going abroad on holiday. However our school group bookings are doing very well and we’ve only got one slot left.

“I feel really fortunate to do this where we live. The views over to the castle are great – it’s very special doing this in Purbeck.”

Dorset Adventure Park
Dorset Adventure Park
Dorset Adventure Park

While the water park attracts lots of attention, there’s also the mud trail to try

Further information

  • Dorset Adventure Park is open 10 am to 4 pm from Saturday 21st May 2022 until mid September 2022. Tickets can be booked in advance via the website

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