Three Swanage retailers star in COVID-19 films

Mini films are being made to show how shops and businesses in Dorset are adapting to make the retail environment during coronavirus as safe as possible and three of our retailers in Swanage have been chosen to feature.

As part of the campaign to get people to stay local and shop local, Dorset Council has commissioned the videos to give shoppers a glimpse inside the retail outlets to see what arrangements they are making to keep everyone safe.


The films, featuring Swanage are available on Dorset Council’s YouTube channel and are being shared across social media outlets.

Italian restaurant, Peppina in Institute Road

First up is the Italian restaurant, Peppina in Institute Road, where owner and chef, Angelo describes the coronavirus precautions that he has put in place:

“We have a one way system so we can allow only one person per time in the shop. We have the hand sanitiser at the entrance, so people must sanitise their hands and then our staff will wear masks and also they must wash their hands every 20 minutes. So yes, we are doing lots of things.”

Watch the Peppina film

Haymans Bakery in Institute Road

The second video features Haymans Bakery, also in Institute Road, where sales assistant Darren explains that while people can’t come in and sit down to eat, they can buy bread, pastries and sandwiches over the counter. In addition the shop is offering to deliver locally to people’s homes.

“We have decided to do a delivery service to help out the community anyway we can. It is different for us but a lot of people in Dorset are elderly and they’re vulnerable to this virus and more prone to illness. It’s not causing any harm to us. It’s helping the business and we’re helping the community out in doing this sort of thing.”

Watch the Haymans Bakery film

Jurassic Outdoor in lower High Street

The third video gives shoppers a good idea of how clothing retailers are adapting to the new coronavirus environment by speaking to Barry Cullimore from Jurassic Outdoor in lower High Street. He explains the new measures they have put into place:

“Of course with any shop that sells clothing or footwear, people are trying things on a lot of the time. If they don’t purchase it then what we’re doing is we’re taking those items and putting them into a sealed plastic box. Each day has its own box and those items are remaining in that box for 72 hours before they’re put back out on display.

“We’ve had a very, very good response. People have been coming in and been very happy with the precautions put in place and feel safe and we’re very confident that we’re offering a safer retail environment as is possible at the current time.”

Watch the Jurassic Outdoor film

Help local businesses get back on their feet

Dorset Council has funded these films as part of its work with town and parish councils to help local businesses and organisations get back on their feet and to ensure that shoppers can keep safe while they’re out and about.

Councillor Gary Suttle, Dorset Council’s Portfolio holder for economic growth and skills, as well as elected ward representative for Swanage said:

“Local businesses need your support right now to ensure they can continue to trade in the future. Our message for residents is, if you continue to follow the public health guidance around COVID-19 it’s safe to get back out there and do some shopping on your high street.”

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FAQ’s compiled by Dorset Council

FAQ’s Keeping safe while shopping

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