Winner of the Swanage News 2020 quiz announced!

So how well did you do in the Swanage.News 2020 quiz? Here’s the answers to the questions.

While lots of you may have looked at the Swanage.News 2020 quiz for fun, there were many who emailed in their answers and came extremely close to scooping the cash prize.


However, the overall winner is Sarah Prescott who receives £50.

Swanage Information Centre

Here’s the answers

  1. You are likely to have heard of the Sandbanks Ferry but what is her actual name? Bramble Bush Bay
  2. Mike Bonfield is the current Swanage Town Mayor but who is his current deputy? Avril Harris
  3. SCCR is the acronym for a new organisation that was set up in Swanage in March 2020. What do the initials stand for? Swanage Community Coronavirus Response
  4. Planning permission was granted in October 2020 to re-erect a large obelisk in Swanage. Who is it in memory of? Prince Albert
  5. Name the company that was responsible for creating the new paving on the recently widened pavements in Institute Road? Rhino Asphalt Solutions
  6. Who was the Swanage Town Mayor in 1995, when a passenger train travelled between Swanage and Corfe Castle Railway Stations for the first time since the reinstatement of the rail track? Julie Wheeldon
  7. What animals are to be introduced to the Studland dunes in 2021 to help restore the natural dune landscape? Red Devon cows
  8. Name the local artist who kayaked across Swanage Bay in October 2020 to highlight the consequences of overfishing in our seas? Eilidh Middleton
  9. The new community radio station for Purbeck celebrated its one year anniversary in August 2020. What frequency does it broadcast on? 101.2 FM
  10. Who is hoping his show will go on in January at The Mowlem, after his performance had to be cancelled on Friday 13th November 2020 because of the second lockdown? Richard Digance
  11. What make is the current film projector used to show films at The Mowlem? Christie solaire plus
  12. Who received the Gold Visit England Award for Excellence 2020 for accessible and inclusive tourism? Durlston Country Park
  13. What is the name of the new cafe that opened in Institute Road in December 2020? McAllisters
  14. Just before lockdown in March 2020, the Blues Festival in Swanage went ahead. What were the names of the two musicians that opened the festival at The Legion? Hugh Budden and Andy Stone
  15. In September 2020, The National Crime Agency spent a week focussing on breaking up drug gangs. It was reported that the operation in Dorset resulted in the arrest of nine people and the confiscation of illegal drugs, money and among other items a car. What was the make of the car? Jaguar
  16. 2020 was a year of cancellations and the Swanage Carnival was one of the biggest events in Swanage to be cancelled. What is the date for Swanage Carnival in 2021? 31st July to 7th August 2021
  17. Swanage Market on Friday mornings is a popular place to shop. Where is it located? Main Beach Car Park
  18. During the first lockdown, the Sandbanks Ferry stopped operating and was moored in Poole Harbour for safety. In May 2020, what object unexpectedly detached from the fixed jetty and fell into the ferry causing damage? Large piece of concrete
  19. The Steam and Lights spectacular at Swanage Railway has been a massive success. On the days that the service has been operating in December 2020, there have been two journeys most evenings. What are the two scheduled departure times from Swanage Railway Station? 5.15 pm and 7.15 pm
  20. On Thursday 25th June 2020, an estimated half a million people flocked to Bournemouth’s beaches resulting in a major incident being declared. What Purbeck Breezer bus route number was severely delayed along Ferry Road in Studland due to the vast number of parked cars? The number 50 bus
  21. It was revealed in December 2020, that an ichthyosaur discovered near Kimmeridge Bay by Steve Etches, was a new species and it was named as Thalassodraco etchesi. What does Thalassodraco mean? Sea Dragon
  22. After the first lockdown restrictions were lifted, how many callouts did the Swanage Lifeboat crew receive between 1st June and 31st August 2020 according to official figures released by the RNLI? 44
  23. Around what date in 2021 is the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccination programme against COVID-19 expected to start at Wareham Hospital for Purbeck residents, according to the Purbeck Primary Care Network? Monday 11th January 2021
  24. Who presents Home Alone on the community radio station, Purbeck Coast? David Hollister
  25. Who are the two Swanage-based women who won the Independent Food and Drink category at the Successful Women in Business Awards 2020? Sally Poole and Lou Condie
  26. An adventurer, who took part in Channel 4’s Hunted TV programme, stopped off in Swanage in August 2020 as part of a world record breaking attempt to circumnavigate Great Britain on a paddleboard. He has recently had to end the attempt in Scotland. What reason did he give for having to stop? Jordan Wylie was told he would be in breach of coronavirus restrictions if he continued
  27. The new general manager for the National Trust in Purbeck started in January 2020. What is her name? Tracey Churcher
  28. Which pub near Swanage opened a deli named after the family cat in October 2020? The King’s Arms
  29. What is the name of the passenger ferry that was built in 1974 and returned to Swanage in September 2020, offering trips from Swanage Pier to Bournemouth? Dorset Belle
  30. Photo question – Where in Swanage is this located? See image below. Sante-Fe Fun Park
Dinosaur and seagull

Tie breaker

How many pebbles and shells are in the jar? 171

Jar filled with pebbles and shells

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