Plea to change Swanage High Street parking hours

A proposal to extend the time that vehicles can park along a stretch of the High Street in Swanage is being given serious consideration by Swanage Town Council, following a request from a local resident.

The suggestion is to change the parking restrictions between the Methodist Church and United Reformed Church along the High Street, so parking is extended from one hour to two hours during the summer. During the winter months, the proposal is to remove the one hour restriction and allow unrestricted parking.

Swanage High street

The section of on-street parking under discussion is between the Methodist Church and United Reformed Church along the High Street in Swanage

Dorset Council responsible for on-street parking regulations

The changes to on-street parking regulations are the responsibility of Dorset Council but under a new system, Dorset Council is requesting that all road and parking requests go via the local town or parish council for its support, before being considered by Dorset Council.

At the Swanage Town Council traffic management advisory committee on Wednesday 22nd February 2023 and the planning and consultation committee on Monday 6th March 2023, the issue raised by the local resident was discussed.

Swanage High street

The current parking is restricted and no parking fee is applicable

“The one hour slot is very restrictive”

In the email to Swanage Town Council, the resident who lives on the High Street wrote:

“Yet another year has brought difficulties for parking and I appreciate the need but the one hour slot is very restrictive. Also off-season both Victoria Avenue and Rempstone Road, a bus route, have the ability to freely park for the winter months. Why cannot this be available on the High Street also?

“If I cannot have a residents’ permit to avail parking for longer than one hour could it be possible to lengthen the parking time to two hours instead of the one at present?

“Any small step to make the parking easy for us permanent residents would be appreciated.”

Swanage High street

The stretch of parking along the High Street is outside the Methodist church and the Swanage Day Centre, as well as homes

Current parking restrictions

  • All year round: Monday to Saturday 8 am to 6 pm – one hour allowed with no return within one hour

Proposed parking restrictions

  • Summer: Monday to Saturday 8 am to 6 pm – two hours allowed with no return within one hour
  • Winter: No restrictions
Swanage High street

Historic and attractive homes along the High Street but parking is limited

Full council approval required

The planning committee on the recommendation of the traffic management advisory committee agreed to back the proposal.

The matter will now go to the Swanage Town Council full council for final approval. If it’s agreed, then the request will be put to Dorset Council to be implemented.

The competing needs of residents, shoppers, employees and tradespeople will all have to be considered before any permanent change can be made by Dorset Council, which will include a public consultation period.

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