Shore road Bid to enhance closed Swanage seafront road thwarted by £6,000 bill With part of Swanage’s Shore Road permanently closed to traffic and the summer season approaching, there’s a proposal to remove the line markings and parking signs, but there’s a question ... 2 months ago
The Old Stables is due to be repaired - but it means three weeks of roadworks through Corfe Castle Three weeks of roadworks to begin in Corfe Castle Just in time for the new school term, a three-week lane closure on the A351 at Corfe Castle begins on Monday 15th April 2024. 2 months ago
Broad Road car park U-turn over learner driver teaching ban in Swanage car parks Following a local outcry, Swanage Town Council has scrapped the controversial rule that banned learner drivers from practising in its car parks. 3 months ago
Station approach New approach planned for Swanage’s transport hub Work has been approved to make Station Approach in the middle of Swanage town centre in Dorset, more pedestrian and wheelchair friendly. 3 months ago
Main beach car park Ban on learner driver lessons in Swanage car parks exposed by review A 30 year old policy which prohibits teaching learner drivers in Swanage’s car parks has come to the forefront following Swanage Town Council’s review of its car park rules. 4 months ago
Sandbanks Ferry Support for Sandbanks Ferry toll rise ‘strongly refuted’ by Dorset Council Dorset Council has denied claims by the Sandbanks Ferry company that it backs its bid to inflation link toll increases. 4 months ago
Sandbanks ferry Sandbanks Ferry company bids to raise tolls higher than agreed Only three years after a planning inspector ruled on the maximum tolls that could be charged over the next 10 years for using the ferry between Studland and Sandbanks in ... 5 months ago
The speed limit in Langton Matravers will be lowered from 30mph to 20mph in April 2024 - so watch out! Langton Matravers becomes Dorset’s first 20 mph village Twenty will have to be plenty for all traffic through Langton Matravers in future, as the village’s fight for a 20 mph zone has finally been won. 5 months ago
Shore road on Swanage seafront Permanent closure of part of Swanage’s seafront approved The southern section of Shore Road along Swanage’s seafront in Dorset is to be closed to traffic on a permanent basis to create a safer area for pedestrians. 5 months ago
Pot holes in Shore Road Work begins to assess flood damage to Purbeck roads Purbeck experienced the “biggest issues” in Dorset during the recent flooding according to Dorset Council. 6 months ago
The main road through Langton Matravers has been closed for eight weeks, causing major diversions Two month road closure between Swanage and Langton starts Drivers trying to travel the short distance between Swanage and Langton Matravers in Dorset are now facing a 20 minute diversion, as work begins to replace an ageing water main. 6 months ago
Gas works on the High Street No end yet in sight for Swanage gas leak roadworks Emergency work to repair multiple gas leaks along the main road in and out of Swanage in Dorset is continuing, as escaping gas is still being detected. 7 months ago
A 300 metre road closure will mean a seven mile detour for drivers in Langton Matravers Langton road works to cause 7 mile detour for 2 months A major £150,000 scheme to replace a failing water pipe will close the main road through Langton Matravers in Dorset for two months. 7 months ago
Road works on High Street Swanage traffic delays due to ‘complex’ repair of gas main Drivers will continue to find it difficult to get in and out of Swanage via the High Street while emergency work takes place to fix a gas main. 8 months ago
East street corfe castle Quiet night in for Corfe Castle as main road closed for repair The main road in and out of Corfe Castle in Dorset is to be closed overnight to repair potholes and improve the road surface. 1 year ago
Popular Studland village is plagued by speeding cars Safety fears grow in Studland as new crossing faces delays Delays in installing a pedestrian crossing in the heart of Studland due to the lack of funding have increased fears that a fatal accident will occur before action is taken. 1 year ago
Cars along Swanage Seafront A day’s parking to cost £20.60 along Swanage seafront The price of on-street parking along Shore Road in Swanage is to increase by an inflation-busting 72 percent, making it one of the most expensive places to park a car ... 1 year ago
Sandbanks ferry Sandbanks Ferry toll to increase for vehicles The cost of a trip on the Sandbanks Ferry is to go up for all passenger and goods vehicles although the toll won’t increase for those on foot, bike or ... 1 year ago
Electric cycles from Beryl bikes take to the roads at Studland for Easter 2023. Beryl bike hire scheme rolls out across Studland In a bid to encourage more to explore Purbeck by bike, the cycle hire company has arrived in Studland in Dorset. 1 year ago
Swanage High street Plea to change Swanage High Street parking hours A proposal to extend the time that vehicles can park along a stretch of the High Street in Swanage is being given serious consideration by Swanage Town Council 1 year ago
Sandbanks ferry Sandbanks Ferry returns to service after major delay Following 17 weeks out of action, the ferry that operates between Studland and Sandbanks in Dorset has resumed service. 1 year ago
Sandbanks ferry No date for return of Sandbanks Ferry service yet The Sandbanks Ferry company says it is still awaiting a final inspection and certification before it can resume operation between Studland and Sandbanks. 1 year ago
Purbeck Breezer Purbeck Breezer bus fare cap extended till summer Dorset bus company Morebus has confirmed that the £2 cap on the cost of a single bus fare will continue until the end of June 2023. 1 year ago
Sandbanks Ferry returning to Poole Sandbanks Ferry returns to Dorset with new Cornish paint job Damaged Sandbanks Ferry has arrived back in Poole Harbour for repairs to be completed, after undergoing scheduled maintenance in Falmouth in Cornwall. 1 year ago
Ferry at Studland Damaged Sandbanks Ferry returns to Poole to complete repairs Sandbanks Ferry, that was damaged on its way to Cornwall for scheduled maintenance, is to return to Poole Harbour for the repair work to be completed 1 year ago
Broad Road car park Swanage car parking frozen at £1 a day for winter To help boost business, the cost of parking a vehicle in two town centre car parks in Swanage is to remain at £1 a day until Friday 31st March 2023. 1 year ago
Bus in Swanage Purbeck Breezer bus fare to be capped at £2 Dorset bus company Morebus has confirmed that a £2 cap on the price of a single bus fare for winter will be introduced. 2 years ago
Sandbanks Ferry damage Sandbanks Ferry return to service update following damage The Sandbanks ferry will be out of service for a few more months as it’s waiting on new parts from Poland. 2 years ago
Studland Road Studland Road reopens after five week closure for water works The controversial closure of the main road between Studland and Corfe Castle, coinciding with the Sandbanks Ferry stoppage, has now ended. 2 years ago
Swanage railway at Station approach Changes proposed to improve pedestrian safety in Swanage The provision for pedestrians in front of Swanage station is ‘very poor’ according to a report being considered by Swanage Town Council. 2 years ago
Ferry at Studland ‘Severe damage’ to Sandbanks Ferry delays its return to 2023 The ferry that normally operates between Sandbanks and Studland has been badly damaged while being towed to Falmouth for planned maintenance. 2 years ago
roadworks near Corfe Castle ( Roadworks near Corfe Castle to continue for ‘further three days’ Temporary traffic lights, which are causing traffic queues on the A351 near Corfe Castle, are expected to stay in place for a few more days while BT repairs a collapsed ... 2 years ago
New 30 mph signs on road into Swanage New 30 mph signs installed on main road into Swanage Drivers should now slow down sooner as they approach Swanage along the A351 road from Harmans Cross, following the reduction in the speed limit from 40 mph to 30 mph. 2 years ago
Sandbanks Ferry Purbeck to face weeks of transport disruption despite protests Studland Parish Council says it’s ‘appalled’ that a main road into the village is to be closed at the same time as the Sandbanks Ferry is out of action for ... 2 years ago
A351 road coming into Swanage New 30 mph limit for approach road to Swanage The current 40 mph speed limit on the A351 road coming into Swanage from Harmans Cross is to be lowered to 30mph by Dorset Council. 2 years ago
Aerial view of Poole Harbour with wingwalker plane crass inset Cause of Sandbanks wing walker plane crash revealed by report The Air Accidents Investigation Branch has published its report into why, during Bournemouth Air Festival in 2021, an aerobatic wing walker plane lost power and dramatically ditched in Poole Harbour. 2 years ago
Langton Matravers high street Purbeck village set to be among first in Dorset to apply for 20 mph limit Campaigners in Langton Matravers near Swanage are all geared up to permanently lower the speed through the centre of the village to 20 mph. 2 years ago
Water works on Studland Road Studland faces ‘double whammy’ with ferry and main road closure Studland Parish Council is calling for a rethink on the decision to close a main road into the village for roadworks at the same time as the Sandbanks Ferry shuts ... 2 years ago
Shore Road Swanage’s seafront road to stay closed to traffic this winter The south end of Shore Road in Swanage, which is closed during the summer from The Mowlem to the junction with Victoria Avenue, is not to reopen to vehicles during ... 2 years ago
Durlston Country Park Durlston Country Park to bring in new way to pay for parking An automatic number plate recognition system to pay for parking is to be introduced at Durlston Country Park in Swanage. 2 years ago
Wareham Railway Station Complete closure of Dorset mainline train service due to strike action The whole rail network across Dorset, including trains to and from Wareham and Weymouth, will cease to operate for two days during the peak tourist season. 2 years ago
Durlston bus Durlston bus is back for summer school holidays ‘Use it or lose it’ is the message, as the Durlston Explorer bus service returns for just six weeks - a much shorter time than previous summers due to rising ... 2 years ago
Ferry at Studland Sandbanks Ferry to be out of service for five weeks The ferry that links Studland to Sandbanks in Dorset is to receive a full maintenance overhaul and refit which means it won’t be operational for about five weeks. 2 years ago
Durlston Explorer bus Durlston bus service cut back due to lack of funding The bus service that usually operates from Swanage town centre up to Durlston Country Park and back via the hospital will only run for six weeks this year. 2 years ago
Wareham Railway Station A welcome return to more trains for Purbeck commuters South Western Railway is to once again run two direct trains per hour between Weymouth and London Waterloo via Wareham. 2 years ago
Speed watch team in Langton Matravers Campaign for 20 mph through Dorset villages gets a boost The introduction of 20 mph speed limits through villages in Dorset is now more likely, after councillors voted to rewrite Dorset Council's policy. 2 years ago
Kings Road West in Swanage Main Swanage road to be closed for repairs Pot holes along Kings Road West in Swanage are to be fixed but it will mean overnight closures for the resurfacing work to be carried out. 2 years ago
Pay machine on Shore Road Cost of on-street parking in Swanage goes up Parking in Station Road and Shore Road to pop to the shops or visit the seafront in Swanage, now costs more. 2 years ago
Sandbanks Ferry Sandbanks Ferry toll increases to £5 for cars and vans The cost of travelling on the Sandbanks Ferry for vehicles is to rise, although the toll won’t go up for those on foot, bike or motorbike. 2 years ago
Sandbanks Ferry No more Sandbank Ferry paper tickets to be sold for vehicles The Sandbanks Ferry company has announced the end of the sale of paper ticket books for cars, vans, lorries, buses and coaches. 2 years ago
Disabled parking space New rules on Blue Badges in Dorset Council car parks set to come in Under new proposals, Blue Badge holders will have to pay when visiting Dorset Council owned car parks in Corfe Castle and Wareham. 2 years ago
Wareham Railway Station Purbeck commuters face slower rail journeys due to staff shortages The ‘significant impact’ of the Omicron Covid variant means the introduction of a reduced rail timetable from Wareham Station to London and Southampton. 2 years ago
Victoria Avenue in Swanage Swanage streets to be closed for roadworks A series of new year road closures in Swanage will mean drivers will have to take diversions to get round town. 2 years ago
New Road New Road to Studland temporarily closed for resurfacing A section of New Road (B3351) that links Studland and Corfe Castle is to be temporarily closed for four days for resurfacing works. 3 years ago
Purbeck Park, Norden Car park at Norden escapes Dorset Council parking charge hike Purbeck Park car park at Norden, developed to encourage visitors to take the train to Corfe Castle and Swanage has got a last minute reprieve. 3 years ago
Cars parked on the road in Swanage Parking permits for residents to be looked at by Dorset Council It’s been revealed that Dorset Council is considering introducing on-street parking permits for residents across the area including Swanage. 3 years ago
Cars along Swanage Seafront Swanage on-street parking charges set to go up The cost of parking in Station Road and Shore Road is to increase, along with Dorset Council owned car parks in Wareham and Corfe Castle, if the plans get the ... 3 years ago
Car being removed by tow truck from Ferry Road in Studland ( Tow truck deployed for first time in Studland to control bad parking Over the hot weekend, Dorset Council had to exercise its new powers to tow away illegally and dangerously parked cars. 3 years ago
Speed indicator device on Northbrook Road in Swanage Flashing speed indicator installed on Swanage roads In a bid to remind drivers travelling into Swanage to slow down, Swanage Town Council has purchased a speed indicator device, otherwise known as a SID. 3 years ago
Loading bays in Swanage town centre No parking in new loading bays comes into effect in Swanage While the work to create new loading bays in Swanage town centre was completed in June 2020, the rules to enable fines for illegal parking have just come into effect. 3 years ago
Car parked on double yellow line in Swanage Illegally parked cars in Dorset liable to be towed away under new rules Following a tow away zone in Studland, Dorset Council is now set to introduce a tow away policy across its area, including Swanage. 3 years ago
Durlston Explorer Bus in Swanage The Durlston bus is back in business It’s been a long wait for passengers but the D5 bus between Swanage and Durlston is finally back after a ‘fallow year’ last year. 3 years ago
Cars parked on Ferry Road New Studland parking rules confirmed by Dorset Council A vehicle tow away zone is to come into force along Ferry Road in Studland but Dorset Council says there's still parking on the verge. 3 years ago
Sandbanks Ferry Tolls to rise after Sandbanks Ferry public inquiry ruling The government has given the go ahead to increase the toll for cars from £4.50 to £6.75 by 2031, with a swift rise to £4.75 on Monday 17th May 2021. 3 years ago
Cars parked in Ferry Road in Studland Studland to get vehicle tow-away zone for summer A new tow-away zone is to be introduced along Ferry Road to help prevent a repeat of last year’s chaos when vehicles parked illegally. 3 years ago
Sandbanks Ferry Sandbanks Ferry to return to normal operating hours Following the easing of lockdown, the Sandbanks Ferry will resume its full timetable, operating from 7 am to 11.10 pm daily. 3 years ago
High street roadworks sign Road closure to reinstate Swanage zebra crossing Kings Road East by the junction with the High Street in Swanage, is to be temporarily shut to traffic to allow the zebra crossing markings outside the library to be ... 3 years ago
Abandoned cars clamped by Dorset Council Action taken in Swanage against abandoned cars As part of an enforcement operation, a team from Dorset Council has targeted abandoned vehicles in towns across the county, including Swanage. 3 years ago
Bikes on Swanage seafront Chance to boost bikes in Swanage The opportunity to run a cycle hire concession in the town is being offered by Swanage Town Council to get more people on bikes. 3 years ago
Sandbanks ferry from Shell Bay dunes National Trust implores ferry company to give locals a bigger discount The public inquiry to decide whether the Sandbanks Ferry company can increase the price of its tolls, heard the views of the National Trust on the third day of proceedings. 3 years ago
Sandbanks ferry toll charges sign Sandbanks Ferry company grilled over toll increase proposal The managing director of the Sandbanks Ferry company has been giving evidence on the second day of the public inquiry to decide whether the company can raise its prices. 3 years ago
Sandbanks ferry Will the Sandbanks Ferry tolls go up? Public inquiry has started The Sandbanks Ferry company wants to increase its prices but because of objections, the matter is now to be decided by a government appointed planning inspector. 3 years ago
West Street car park in Corfe Castle Free parking on offer in Dorset as Christmas shopping season begins As Christmas 2020 draws ever nearer, shoppers can enjoy free parking on certain days in Dorset Council car parks. 4 years ago
Loading a gritter at Charminster Depot Check which Purbeck roads are getting gritted, as it starts to get icy With winter and frosty mornings on their way, Dorset Council has initiated a new approach to gritting and Swanage residents can check online which roads have been treated and when. 4 years ago
High Street, Swanage Swanage councillors recommend removal of parking spaces for bin lorry access The newly created on-street parking on the High Street near the library, is being recommended to be scrapped, after residents complained that the bin lorry can’t get up Mount Pleasant ... 4 years ago
Sandbanks ferry from Shell Bay dunes Sandbanks Ferry inquiry into toll increases stopped to consider new proposals The National Trust and a consortium of councils have both submitted alternative proposals to the Sandbanks Ferry company’s price increase plans. 4 years ago
Sandbanks Ferry Sandbanks Ferry to reduce hours during second lockdown but will continue to operate The ferry company, which is facing a public inquiry into its plans to increase toll prices, will finish operating at 9 pm on a daily basis for the next four ... 4 years ago
Road works sign at the High Street Drivers should watch out for partial closure of the High Street on Monday A short section of the High Street in Swanage is to close and vehicles will be diverted down Church Hill, to allow road works to take place. 4 years ago
Speed sign in Langton Matravers high street New initiative investigated to slow down traffic coming into Swanage Across Dorset, 45 communities already have electronic signs that show an approaching vehicle’s speed and now Swanage may get one too. 4 years ago
Slow sign at Langton Matravers high street Purbeck village pursues 20mph speed limit despite lack of “collision data” Langton Matravers’ parish councillors express disappointment that the request to Dorset Council for a 20mph speed limit through their village is “probably not looking positive". 4 years ago
Sandbanks Ferry Public inquiry into Sandbanks Ferry’s proposed inflation-linked toll increases The Department for Transport says a public inquiry will be held to examine the new proposed toll increases for the Sandbanks Ferry. 4 years ago
Historic boat plans to make return to Swanage A historic ferry is set to make its first trip to and from Swanage in years - and it could soon be offering trips to Brownsea Island too. 4 years ago
Beach huts in Shore Road Majority want permanent closure of Shore Road in Swanage In a survey of residents, 62 percent said Shore Road should be closed permanently between The Mowlem and the junction with Victoria Avenue. 4 years ago
Military helicopter on training exercise Watch for military helicopters overhead as part of Bovington exercise Purbeck residents should keep an eye on the sky, as military aviation manoeuvres are taking place over the course of next week. 4 years ago
Purbeck Breezer bus at Swanage Bus Station Bus provider promises to “retain lifeline service” throughout winter despite pandemic Swanage’s key bus service provider, Morebus has stressed its commitment to keeping essential services throughout the coronavirus crisis and the quieter winter months. 4 years ago
Road sign at Kings Road East Kings Road East – Don’t drive the wrong way! Swanage’s town centre traffic experiment is being scrapped from today, so the one way flow of traffic in Kings Road East will be reversed. 4 years ago
Cars parked in Ferry Road “Wacky racers” return to Studland and a Mercedes gets towed away at Sandbanks In Studland, parked cars causing chaos got tickets but in Sandbanks, the council removed illegally parked vehicles on a tow truck - SEE VIDEO. 4 years ago
Traffic lights at roadworks in High Street Dorset Council agrees to suspend Swanage traffic experiment Following 90 objections to the reversal of traffic flow of Kings Road East, Dorset Council has announced a date when everything will revert back to normal. 4 years ago
Cars on Sentry Road Swanage residents relieved as ‘double yellows’ reinstated The road resurfacing work in Swanage that was halted four months ago due to the coronavirus crisis, is to get completed next week. 4 years ago
Condor Rapide ferry Condor Ferries resumes regular sailings to Channel Islands A welcome sight returned as a Condor ferry could once again be regularly spotted from Swanage, as the company resumed sailings. 4 years ago
Car with burst tyres in Studland Motorist left deflated in desperation for Studland parking space In a crazy attempt to park near the beach, this car ended up with flat tyres and an expensive repair bill! 4 years ago
Cars parked at Studland Studland becomes beach ‘overflow’ as Bournemouth declared a major incident Beach-goers who couldn’t find space in Bournemouth, flocked to Studland, blocking Ferry Road and some using ferry property as a toilet. 4 years ago
Traffic queue in Sandbanks From lockdown to gridlock as jams disrupt ferry operation Traffic chaos in Sandbanks leaves motorists stranded in Studland, as ferry has to stop taking vehicles. 4 years ago
Yacht in collision with the Sandbanks Ferry RNLI rescue a yacht pinned against Sandbanks Ferry The RNLI releases footage of its rescue of a yacht wedged against the front of the Sandbanks Ferry - WATCH VIDEO 4 years ago
The Swanage Town Mayor, Mike Bonfield officially opens the town centre improvement works Kings Road East traffic flow to stay reversed as Institute Road reopens Swanage town centre road works are complete and Institute Road has reopened but like lots of things, it’s only back to ‘near normal’ - SEE VIDEO OF THE MAYOR 4 years ago
Sandbanks Ferry Sandbanks Ferry ready to return to service Barring any last minute hitches, the Sandbanks Ferry is to resume operating from Wednesday 17th June 2020 but there are new rules in place. 4 years ago
Broad Road car park payment machine Swanage car parks to start charging again Car parking charges that were suspended during lockdown are to be reinstated for the car parks operated by Swanage Town Council. 4 years ago
New pavement in Institute road Rhino leaves lasting impression on Institute Road The company, Rhino Asphalt Solutions has been working into the early hours to finish the new pavements that are part of Swanage’s town centre improvement scheme. 4 years ago
Swanage seafront Share of half a million pounds up for grabs for Swanage travel infrastructure Swanage residents being asked how to spend a £577k grant to improve walking and cycling routes in Dorset to help social distancing. 4 years ago
Institute Road roadworks nearing completion Highways team to work through night to complete Institute Road pavements The final stage of the Swanage town centre improvement work is expected to start later today, when the pavements get their top coat. 4 years ago
Cars on the Sandbanks Ferry The Sandbanks Ferry to resume service after lockdown With an expected increase in demand as lockdown restrictions ease, the ferry will start operating soon for vehicles but not foot passengers or cyclists. 4 years ago
Institute Road Final push to complete town centre roadworks Speedy progress means a completion date is in sight for the Swanage town centre improvements, despite the coronavirus lockdown disruption - SEE PHOTOS. 4 years ago
Barriers close off car park No green light for tourists in Swanage Day trippers are being warned that Swanage is not gearing up for tourists this weekend, as car parks are closed and roadworks continue. 4 years ago
Cars on the Sandbanks Ferry Sandbanks Ferry has sustained “significant damage” in Poole Harbour A large piece of concrete has fallen onto the ferry meaning that it won’t be back in service for some time yet, while it’s repaired. 4 years ago
Sign in Institute Road saying work to restart on 4th May Highways team back in Swanage after shut down Following a seven week freeze, work restarts in Institute Road, after it was dramatically halted in March due to coronavirus rules. 4 years ago
Roadworks to restart in central Swanage and traffic lights to return Dorset Council’s highways team is to restart construction work in Institute Road in the centre of Swanage’s shopping area soon. 4 years ago
Cars on the Sandbanks Ferry Sandbanks Ferry to stop operating until further notice The Sandbanks Ferry Company has just announced that it’s to withdraw the service because it's no longer economically or environmentally viable at this current time. 4 years ago
Cars on the Sandbanks Ferry Ferry hours reduced as travel restrictions bite The Sandbanks Ferry will finish operating on a daily basis at 7.10 pm for the foreseeable future, starting from Tuesday 14th April 2020. 4 years ago
Workmen in Institute Road while it is closed for roadworks February 2020. Institute Road reopens as Swanage roadworks suspended Dorset Council is suspending the town centre roadworks, after UK workers were told to stay at home, to reduce the spread of coronavirus. 4 years ago
Cars on the Sandbanks Ferry Ferry company proposes annual inflation-linked toll increases The Sandbanks Ferry Company is again proposing new price increases for this year and for future rises to be inflation-linked. 4 years ago
Cars on the Sandbanks Ferry Ferry company asks again for toll increase The Sandbanks Ferry Company is now applying for a new price increase, following the rejection of its last proposal. 4 years ago
Traffic lights at roadworks in High Street Temporary lights still causing traffic jam in town Dorset Council has changed the temporary traffic lights in Swanage town centre but long traffic queues are still building up. 4 years ago
Roadwork vehicles in car park Road closure fortnight for Swanage, as resurfacing trucks roll into town All the lorries and equipment arrived in town this weekend, ready to start two weeks of road resurfacing. 4 years ago
Workmen in Institute Road while it is closed for roadworks February 2020. Another road closure for Swanage this March With roadworks already disrupting Swanage, Dorset Council has now announced the closure of another main road. 4 years ago
Rolling road closure for resurfacing sign Rolling programme of road closures across Swanage A number of roads are to be closed while they’re resurfaced over the first two weeks of March 2020. 4 years ago
Institute Road closed sign Town centre road closed for road works until May Institute Road, in the centre of Swanage’s shopping area, has been shut for 16 weeks for construction work. 4 years ago
Park Road and Marshall Row to close for resurfacing work Dorset Council are closing Park Road and Marshall Row in Swanage for up to five days from Sunday 8th March for road resurfacing. 4 years ago
View down Institute Road with lorry in loading bay New date for Institute Road closure Institute Road will now be closed for roadworks from Monday 17th February. a week later than expected. 4 years ago
Roadworks in Station Road New £450,000 road safety scheme for Swanage town centre underway Roadworks have started in Swanage, to improve pedestrian safety and remove the loading bay in Institute Road. 4 years ago