Speed sign in Langton Matravers high street New initiative investigated to slow down traffic coming into Swanage Across Dorset, 45 communities already have electronic signs that show an approaching vehicle’s speed and now Swanage may get one too. 3 days ago
Slow sign at Langton Matravers high street Purbeck village pursues 20mph speed limit despite lack of “collision data” Langton Matravers’ parish councillors express disappointment that the request to Dorset Council for a 20mph speed limit through their village is “probably not looking positive". 2 weeks ago
Sandbanks Ferry Public inquiry into Sandbanks Ferry’s proposed inflation-linked toll increases The Department for Transport says a public inquiry will be held to examine the new proposed toll increases for the Sandbanks Ferry. 3 weeks ago
Historic boat plans to make return to Swanage A historic ferry is set to make its first trip to and from Swanage in years - and it could soon be offering trips to Brownsea Island too. 4 weeks ago
Beach huts in Shore Road Majority want permanent closure of Shore Road in Swanage In a survey of residents, 62 percent said Shore Road should be closed permanently between The Mowlem and the junction with Victoria Avenue. 1 month ago
Military helicopter on training exercise Watch for military helicopters overhead as part of Bovington exercise Purbeck residents should keep an eye on the sky, as military aviation manoeuvres are taking place over the course of next week. 1 month ago
Purbeck Breezer bus at Swanage Bus Station Bus provider promises to “retain lifeline service” throughout winter despite pandemic Swanage’s key bus service provider, Morebus has stressed its commitment to keeping essential services throughout the coronavirus crisis and the quieter winter months. 1 month ago
Road sign at Kings Road East Kings Road East – Don’t drive the wrong way! Swanage’s town centre traffic experiment is being scrapped from today, so the one way flow of traffic in Kings Road East will be reversed. 2 months ago
Cars parked in Ferry Road “Wacky racers” return to Studland and a Mercedes gets towed away at Sandbanks In Studland, parked cars causing chaos got tickets but in Sandbanks, the council removed illegally parked vehicles on a tow truck - SEE VIDEO. 3 months ago
Traffic lights at roadworks in High Street Dorset Council agrees to suspend Swanage traffic experiment Following 90 objections to the reversal of traffic flow of Kings Road East, Dorset Council has announced a date when everything will revert back to normal. 3 months ago
Cars on Sentry Road Swanage residents relieved as ‘double yellows’ reinstated The road resurfacing work in Swanage that was halted four months ago due to the coronavirus crisis, is to get completed next week. 3 months ago
Graffiti on railway carriage Swanage Railway’s carriages vandalised by graffiti While Swanage Railway was fundraising to prevent financial ruin due to COVID-19, vandals broke in and damaged two of its heritage carriages. 3 months ago
First steam train since lockdown leaves Swanage Station Sound of steam train whistle returns to Swanage again Swanage Railway was finally able to offer a steam train service to its first paying passengers this weekend, following lockdown - SEE PHOTOS. 3 months ago
The Mayor waves off the first train at Swanage Railway after lockdown First train leaves Swanage Railway Station after lockdown After 15 long weeks of closure due to the coronavirus pandemic, the Swanage Railway has finally reopened - SEE TRAIN VIDEO. 4 months ago
Condor Rapide ferry Condor Ferries resumes regular sailings to Channel Islands A welcome sight returned as a Condor ferry could once again be regularly spotted from Swanage, as the company resumed sailings. 4 months ago
Swanage Railway diesel trains Swanage Railway is back on track! The heritage railway, that’s been facing a funding crisis due to the pandemic, is to reopen soon but it won’t be back to normal yet. 4 months ago
Car with burst tyres in Studland Motorist left deflated in desperation for Studland parking space In a crazy attempt to park near the beach, this car ended up with flat tyres and an expensive repair bill! 4 months ago
Cars parked at Studland Studland becomes beach ‘overflow’ as Bournemouth declared a major incident Beach-goers who couldn’t find space in Bournemouth, flocked to Studland, blocking Ferry Road and some using ferry property as a toilet. 4 months ago
Traffic queue in Sandbanks From lockdown to gridlock as jams disrupt ferry operation Traffic chaos in Sandbanks leaves motorists stranded in Studland, as ferry has to stop taking vehicles. 4 months ago
Yacht in collision with the Sandbanks Ferry RNLI rescue a yacht pinned against Sandbanks Ferry The RNLI releases footage of its rescue of a yacht wedged against the front of the Sandbanks Ferry - WATCH VIDEO 4 months ago
The Swanage Town Mayor, Mike Bonfield officially opens the town centre improvement works Kings Road East traffic flow to stay reversed as Institute Road reopens Swanage town centre road works are complete and Institute Road has reopened but like lots of things, it’s only back to ‘near normal’ - SEE VIDEO OF THE MAYOR 4 months ago
Sandbanks Ferry Sandbanks Ferry ready to return to service Barring any last minute hitches, the Sandbanks Ferry is to resume operating from Wednesday 17th June 2020 but there are new rules in place. 4 months ago
Martin Sheret with a railway poster Swanage Railway’s SOS appeal steams passed the £200k mark Boosted by its videos and media attention, Swanage Railway says it’s closer to securing the railway’s future but still not out of the woods - WATCH NEW VIDEO. 4 months ago
Broad Road car park payment machine Swanage car parks to start charging again Car parking charges that were suspended during lockdown are to be reinstated for the car parks operated by Swanage Town Council. 5 months ago
Josh Voce presents a film about Swanage Railway Swanage Railway’s plans to join mainline in “state of limbo” due to coronavirus A new film about Swanage Railway says the pandemic has left its finances in a dire state and plans to link to Wareham are on hold. 5 months ago
New pavement in Institute road Rhino leaves lasting impression on Institute Road The company, Rhino Asphalt Solutions has been working into the early hours to finish the new pavements that are part of Swanage’s town centre improvement scheme. 5 months ago
Swanage seafront Share of half a million pounds up for grabs for Swanage travel infrastructure Swanage residents being asked how to spend a £577k grant to improve walking and cycling routes in Dorset to help social distancing. 5 months ago
Institute Road roadworks nearing completion Highways team to work through night to complete Institute Road pavements The final stage of the Swanage town centre improvement work is expected to start later today, when the pavements get their top coat. 5 months ago
Cars on the Sandbanks Ferry The Sandbanks Ferry to resume service after lockdown With an expected increase in demand as lockdown restrictions ease, the ferry will start operating soon for vehicles but not foot passengers or cyclists. 5 months ago
Institute Road Final push to complete town centre roadworks Speedy progress means a completion date is in sight for the Swanage town centre improvements, despite the coronavirus lockdown disruption - SEE PHOTOS. 5 months ago
Barriers close off car park No green light for tourists in Swanage Day trippers are being warned that Swanage is not gearing up for tourists this weekend, as car parks are closed and roadworks continue. 5 months ago
Cars on the Sandbanks Ferry Sandbanks Ferry has sustained “significant damage” in Poole Harbour A large piece of concrete has fallen onto the ferry meaning that it won’t be back in service for some time yet, while it’s repaired. 5 months ago
Sign in Institute Road saying work to restart on 4th May Highways team back in Swanage after shut down Following a seven week freeze, work restarts in Institute Road, after it was dramatically halted in March due to coronavirus rules. 6 months ago
Roadworks to restart in central Swanage and traffic lights to return Dorset Council’s highways team is to restart construction work in Institute Road in the centre of Swanage’s shopping area soon. 6 months ago
Cars on the Sandbanks Ferry Sandbanks Ferry to stop operating until further notice The Sandbanks Ferry Company has just announced that it’s to withdraw the service because it's no longer economically or environmentally viable at this current time. 6 months ago
Cars on the Sandbanks Ferry Ferry hours reduced as travel restrictions bite The Sandbanks Ferry will finish operating on a daily basis at 7.10 pm for the foreseeable future, starting from Tuesday 14th April 2020. 6 months ago
Workmen in Institute Road while it is closed for roadworks February 2020. Institute Road reopens as Swanage roadworks suspended Dorset Council is suspending the town centre roadworks, after UK workers were told to stay at home, to reduce the spread of coronavirus. 7 months ago
Cars on the Sandbanks Ferry Ferry company proposes annual inflation-linked toll increases The Sandbanks Ferry Company is again proposing new price increases for this year and for future rises to be inflation-linked. 8 months ago
Cars on the Sandbanks Ferry Ferry company asks again for toll increase The Sandbanks Ferry Company is now applying for a new price increase, following the rejection of its last proposal. 8 months ago
Traffic lights at roadworks in High Street Temporary lights still causing traffic jam in town Dorset Council has changed the temporary traffic lights in Swanage town centre but long traffic queues are still building up. 8 months ago
Diesel locos at Swanage Railway's Diesel Gala Royal Highland Fusilier and Great Gable locos to visit Swanage Railway The first details have just been revealed about Swanage Railway’s Annual Diesel Gala and Dorset Beer Festival. 8 months ago
Roadwork vehicles in car park Road closure fortnight for Swanage, as resurfacing trucks roll into town All the lorries and equipment arrived in town this weekend, ready to start two weeks of road resurfacing. 8 months ago
Workmen in Institute Road while it is closed for roadworks February 2020. Another road closure for Swanage this March With roadworks already disrupting Swanage, Dorset Council has now announced the closure of another main road. 8 months ago
Rolling road closure for resurfacing sign Rolling programme of road closures across Swanage A number of roads are to be closed while they’re resurfaced over the first two weeks of March 2020. 8 months ago
Institute Road closed sign Town centre road closed for road works until May Institute Road, in the centre of Swanage’s shopping area, has been shut for 16 weeks for construction work. 8 months ago
Park Road and Marshall Row to close for resurfacing work Dorset Council are closing Park Road and Marshall Row in Swanage for up to five days from Sunday 8th March for road resurfacing. 8 months ago
View down Institute Road with lorry in loading bay New date for Institute Road closure Institute Road will now be closed for roadworks from Monday 17th February. a week later than expected. 9 months ago
Roadworks in Station Road New £450,000 road safety scheme for Swanage town centre underway Roadworks have started in Swanage, to improve pedestrian safety and remove the loading bay in Institute Road. 9 months ago