Pop-up Swanage shop for Chadwick fundraiser

A new shop has opened in Swanage but only for three weeks, to raise funds for a statue of a Swanage hero who saved the lives of children at the start of World War Two.

Trevor Chadwick was a Swanage school teacher who rescued 669 children from Prague in early 1939 from German occupation. The majority were Jewish but others were the sons or daughters of Czech and Slovak anti-Nazis.


He moved to Swanage in 1928 when his father set up Forres School in Northbrook Road, now Purbeck View school. He worked there as a Latin teacher and was also a volunteer member of the Swanage Lifeboat crew.

Trevor Chadwick sculpture

Close up of the clay version of the sculpture

A life size bronze statue to remember Trevor Chadwick

The plan is to place a life size bronze statue to remember Trevor Chadwick on Swanage Recreation Ground next to the newly refurbished playground, which has been renamed after him.

Fundraising events to pay for the sculpture have largely been scuppered over the last year due to the pandemic and Covid restrictions but now as lockdown eases and non-essential shops can open, a pop-up shop selling second hand books, jigsaw puzzles, clothes and bric a brac has opened on Station Road opposite Salt Pig Too.

Interior of the shop
Books in the pop-up shop

“The shop has got off to a good start”

It was the idea of local resident Linda Welsh. She said:

“We’ve set it up to raise more funds and it’s really been our first chance since Covid to have a proper fundraising event. So really pleased to be able to see people again and let everyone know about Trevor Chadwick and our plans to remember him.

“The shop has got off to a good start and anything we don’t sell will be transferred over to the Age UK charity shop in the town. Everyone’s welcome to come in and browse.

“I have to add that while it was my idea, I couldn’t have done it without my friends Trisha Thompson and Sheila Walker, who have been working late to get the shop all up and running!”

Inside the pop-up shop
Iewellery inside the pop-up shop

“Working on the life size clay sculpture throughout the winter lockdowns”

Meanwhile work on the statue by local artist Moira Purver has been progressing in her studio. She said:

“I’ve been working on the life size clay sculpture throughout the winter lockdowns and it’s now just reaching completion and is ready for the next phase, when the foundry will start to make the silicone mould of the figures.

“They’ll have to separate the boy from the rest of the sculpture and his mould will be made back at the foundry. The mould of Trevor and the baby will be made at my studio over several days. This silicone mould will then be used to cast a hollow wax of the completed sculpture.”

Trevor Chadwick sculpture

The life size clay version of the statue

Miniature version of the statue

Once there’s a hollow wax version of the statue, a ceramic mould is made and then finally the molten bronze will be poured into the ceramic mould. It’s a complex process but the miniature version of the statue, called a maquette, shows just how lifelike the sculpture will be.

The Trevor Chadwick pop-up shop opened on Wednesday 14th April 2001 and will continue for three weeks. All money raised will go to the Trevor Chadwick Memorial Trust.

Mennequin in the window of the shop

The miniature version of the statue is on display in the shop window

More information

The Trevor Chadwick Memorial Trust has more about Trevor Chadwick’s remarkable story and ways to donate towards the cost of the statue on its website

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