Semi-conscious sailor rescued by Swanage Lifeboat crew

Both Swanage lifeboats launched into near-gale conditions to rescue a person who was seriously ill on a yacht off Anvil Point near Swanage.

A mayday call was received from the vessel just after 11 am on Sunday 4th December 2022.

Swanage all-weather lifeboat preparing to launch on Sunday 04 December 2022
RNLI / Becky Mack

Swanage all weather lifeboat prepares to launch

Swanage Lifeboat in Swanage Bay
Mark Eady

Swanage all weather lifeboat heading out in near-galeforce winds to find the yacht off Anvil Point

Rough sea conditions

First, the all weather lifeboat headed out to locate the yacht helped by directions from Swanage National Coastwatch Institution members in their watch tower at Peveril Point.

Once on the scene a lifeboat crew member managed to transfer onto the yacht, despite the rough sea conditions.

On the yacht were two people, one of whom was ill and incapacitated.

“Crew member found the casualty to be semi-conscious”

Swanage Lifeboat Station reported:

“The crew member found the casualty to be semi-conscious, so further equipment was passed to the yacht and a decision quickly made to pass another crew member over to set up a tow and help with the casualty care.”

Swanage Lifeboat in Poole Harbour
Poole Coastguard

The Swanage Lifeboat towed the yacht back to Poole Harbour

“Another tricky manoeuvre given the conditions”

While the yacht was under tow, steadily making her way towards Poole Harbour, it was realised that the ill person needed to be safely got off the yacht given the sea conditions.

Swanage Lifeboat Station added:

“The Swanage inshore lifeboat was launched and was able to pace alongside the yacht in the relative shelter of Swanage Bay and the casualty, a little recovered now, was transferred and taken ashore for further treatment. Another tricky manoeuvre given the conditions.”

Poole Coastguard team
Poole Coastguard

Poole Coastguard was called out to help the lifeboat crew on arrival at Poole Quay yacht haven

Poole Coastguard met the lifeboat in Poole Harbour

The yacht was eventually towed by the Swanage all weather lifeboat into the safety of Poole Quay yacht haven where Poole Coastguard volunteers helped to tie up the vessel.

The lifeboat was then able to return to Swanage and was back in the boathouse shortly after 3 pm, some four hours after its launch.

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