New bins for Swanage seafront in latest attempt to tackle litter

Bigger bins with seagull resistant lids have been deployed at Swanage litter hotspots in a bid to keep the town tidy.

Just in time for the Easter holidays, Dorset Council has delivered new public bins and positioned them at the seafront’s busiest locations, in the latest attempt to provide sufficient capacity for rubbish on busy days.

New bins in Swanage

Seagulls are thwarted in their attempts to pinch chips from the new bins by the new lids

Smaller heritage bins will be retained on narrow pavements

Not all the bins are being replaced and many of the smaller heritage bins that were new for 2021, are being retained in areas where the pavement is narrow or there is less demand. Some of the green barrel bins are also being kept in an attempt to find the best solution.

One of the big problems last summer was as the bins got full, the seagulls moved in and then the wind blew the rubbish onto the beach.

So the existing bins will be getting flaps fitted to help deter seagulls from pulling out rubbish in search of chips and other tasty morsels.

Overflowing bin

In 2021 litter often escaped towards the beach, aided and abetted by seagulls

New bins on Swanage seafront

The smaller heritage bins will now be fitted with seagull deterrent flaps to reduce the open access

New seagull proof lid

The new bins have a lid that automatically closes after being used, leaving a seagull with little chance of getting its beak in.

The most recent problem dates back to 2020 when it became difficult for Dorset Council to collect rubbish from the wheelie bins due to the lack of LGV bin lorry drivers.

The new smaller bins deployed in 2021 could be emptied by a van driver. However the reduction in capacity and the ease that seagulls could access the litter, left rubbish strewn across the seafront.

New bins in Swanage

The new seagull proof lid automatically closes after use

New bins in Swanage

A new bin positioned by Prince Albert Gardens near Swanage Pier

Big Belly bin

In 2021, following discussions with Swanage Town Council, who had to deploy extra people to collect rubbish, Dorset Council came up with the barrel bins and even tried out the Big Belly bin, but they were not enough to cope.

Bigbelly bin in Swanage

The Big Belly was solar powered and compressed the rubbish

Barrel bin in Swanage

Some of the green barrel bins will stay but seagull deterrent flaps will be installed

Hope to avoid last summer’s problems

This year, in order not to repeat the problems of last summer, Dorset Council’s waste services and Swanage Town Council met in early March 2022 to discuss plans for the forthcoming season.

Alongside the agreement to provide the new bigger bins, Dorset Council also said it would deploy a better waste management plan.

New bins in Swanage

Rubbish hot spot on Shore Road near the shopping area

New bins in Swanage

The Square is a popular place to eat fish and chips on a sunny day

Dorset Council waste management plan during peak season

  • A morning collection with a refuse lorry, as per the current arrangement
  • Two full time Swanage-based operatives to work on a four days on / two days off rota from 11 am to 7 pm to provide a 7 day a week service of continuous emptying and tipping of waste
  • Regular morning street sweeping by a hand cart operator

The arrangements will remain under review and it’s hoped that it will be third time lucky with the new bins.

Wheelie Bins on Swanage Seafront

The original wheelie bins in 2020

New bins on Swanage seafront

The replacement smaller heritage bins in 2021 – easier to empty for both waste operatives and seagulls!

Two barrel bins

By August 2021, the smaller bins had been replaced by green barrel bins with a larger capacity but still vulnerable to seagulls

New bins in Swanage

The latest attempt to solve the problem – new bins with lids arrived on Friday 8th April 2022

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